Picture of Amy Knowles

Amy Leigh Knowles


Associate Professor


School of Nursing

Office Location:

Knoxville Campus: 10950 Spring Bluff Way

Office Phone:

(865) 690-5803



PhD, The University of Tennessee

MPH, The University of Tennessee

BSN, Carson Newman College


Recent Publications and Presentations

2013-manuscript entitled “Improving Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study” accepted to Journal of Communication in Healthcare.        

2011-Receipient of $3,000 grant to support medical mission trip. Awarded to Grace Baptist Church from the East TN Baptist Hospital Medical Missions Fund.

2011-Interviewed and quoted in article. Dixon, Scott. (April 25, 2011). Quake victims’ mental health can’t be forgotten, disaster nurse says. Kyoto News.

2011-Interviewed and quoted in article. Rubin, Rita. (April 1, 2011). Focus turns to mental health of quake-tsunami survivors. USAToday.

2011-Knowles, A. (2011). Resilience among Japanese atomic bomb survivors. International Nursing Review, 58, 54-60.

2010-Oral presentation at the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Symposium, Resilience Among Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors

2010-Poster presentation to the Sigma Theta Tau Gamma Chi Research Symposium, Resilience Among Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors

2009-Recipient of Excellence in Nursing Research Award, Sigma Theta Tau Gamma Chi chapter.

2008-Recipient of training preceptorship in atomic bomb radiation research and training from the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Hiroshima, Japan.

2008-Anticipating the impact of global warming on disaster preparedness and response, poster presentation to American Association of Occupational and Environmental Health Nurses.

2008-Recipient of Sigma Theta Tau Gamma Chi research award “Exploring stories from atomic bomb survivors”.

2008-Anticipating the impact of global warming on disaster preparedness and response, poster presentation to Southern Nursing Research Society.

2008-Access to healthcare among the refugee population, presentation to multi-disciplinary research group at the University of Tennessee.

2007-Anticipating the impact of global warming on disaster preparedness and response internationally: How should we prepare? poster presentation to Sigma Theta Tau Annual Research Day, Gamma Chi Chapter.

2006-Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, seminar provided to Smoky Mountain Association of Occupational Health Nurses.

2005-Organized/developed two-day symposium for the Association of Professionals in Infection Control.

2003-Recruited and trained 3000 volunteers and medical staff to assist in smallpox vaccination program. Organized/developed training for Knox County contingency plans for bioterrorism attack.

2001-2004-Worked as Epidemiology nurse to investigate reportable diseases, provide post exposure management, and manage response teams.

2000-2003-Organized/developed and provided training on various infectious diseases and infection control guidelines for emergency responders.

Current research

Qualitative research project exploring Sense making of a cancer diagnosis with colleague Dr. Alyssa Sloan

Exploring global health initiatives and research


Courses recently taught

NURS 3420 LECT Spiritual and Cultural Considerations in Nursing
NURS 4420 LECT Capstone for Registered Nurses
NURS 5000 LECT Theoretical Basis of Nursing Practice
NURS 5010 LECT Soc, Cul & Poli Perspectives on Healthcare & Delivery Syst
NURS 5012 LECT Global Health Awareness
NURS 5022 LECT Research Seminar
NURS 5060 LECT Transformational Strategies-Practicum III
NURS 7007 LAB Clinical Experiential Learning I
NURS 7012 LECT Translational Research Project Development
NURS 7018 LAB Clinical Experiential Learning II
NURS 7022 LECT Ethical Issues in Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 7032 LECT Translational Research Project Evaluation