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Susan Louisa Adams


Associate Professor


School of Nursing

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Bristol Campus: 15 White Hall

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Mrs. Adams has been with King University since August, 2011.  She received her Bachelor's in Nursing from East Tennessee State University in 1987, her Master's in Nursing from Emory University in 1991, and her PhD in Nursing from East Tennessee State University in 2017.  


PhD - 2017-  East Tennessee State University

Masters in Nursing - 1991 - Emory University

Baccalaureate in Nursing - 1987 - East Tennessee State University

Recent Publications and Presentations

Adams, S. L. (2016). Influences of Turnover, Retention, and Job Embeddedness in the Nursing Workforce             Literature. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care16(2), 168-195.

Courses recently taught

NURS 3020 LAB Health Assessment
NURS 5001 LECT Research Designs in Nursing
NURS 5004 LECT Advanced Physical Assessment & Health Promotion
NURS 5012 LECT Global Health Awareness
NURS 5014 LECT Healthcare Informatics
NURS 5019 LECT Care of Adult and Geriatric Populations
NURS 5022 LECT Research Seminar
NURS 5024 LAB FNP IV: Seminar and Intensive Practicum
NURS 5024 LECT FNP IV: Intensive Seminar
NURS 5024 LECT FNP IV: Seminar and Intensive Practicum
NURS 5026 LECT Practice Mangement and Advanced Role Development
NURS 7000 LECT Theoretical & Philosophical Foundations of Nursing Practice
NURS 7027 LECT Theoretical Foundations of Knowledge Development