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Jason Lee Corvin


Assistant Professor


School of Business and Economics

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Bristol Campus: Bristol Hall 313

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(423) 652-4330



I am native of Southwest Virginia, the Mountain Empire region of Appalachia, and am proud to call these mountains home. I graduated from Patrick Henry High School in Glade Spring, Virginia, and have a very diverse Liberal Arts educational background, having both attended at taught at Emory & Henry College, where I studied Management and Economics, served as Chair of the Finance Committee for the Student Senate, and later taught as a visiting instructor of Accounting, ten years after having graduated with dual Bachelor's degrees. I obtained my Master of Science in Accounting from Liberty University in 2011. 

Each of these areas of business are part of the "business big picture," which simply means the many facets and multiple variables must be managed simultaneously in any type of business, ultimately requiring a strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skill set. These skills, along with the ability to communicate are vastly important in any business environment. Too, no business can successfully operate without accurate accounting - the government; small and large businesses whether public, private or closely held family businesses; and non-profit organizations such as hospitals, colleges and universities or for-profit insurance and other healthcare entities; must accurately track their revenues, expenses and other economics activities. Great leaders possess the ability to understand accounting, "the Language of Business," and incorporate this specific skill into their overall business repertoire. I strongly believe that I'm achieving my goal of teaching my students the Language of Business, and helping each of them develop into strong, future business leaders, in part, by creating an environment where they can hone their individualized business skill sets and become well-rounded, technologically-adept communicative leaders with the ability to adapt into any business community.

I feel as if it is also vitally important that we, the human race, be disciplined, ambitious individuals, which is the only way we can accomplish our own goals, achieve our desires, and follow our dreams. Our fellow humans we encounter daily in our lives are important and are deserving of respect and dignity, including each and every one of us sharing space on this planet. We each come from the same Creator and we are equal in the eyes of God. As has been said many times, there's much more that unites all peoples than divides us. The more we can learn about each other and come to understand and respect our varied differences, the more any of us can and will be anything we dare to dream. Life, just a short-time in the grand scheme of history, is a journey; a competition only with oneself. Dare to dream.


M.S. in Accounting - 05/2011 - Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.

B.S. in Management - 05/2005 - Emory & Henry College, Emory, VA.

B.A. in Economics - 05/2005 - Emory & Henry College, Emory, VA. 

Current research

I chose to go into the teaching profession because one of my life goals is to help others be successful in the ventures they choose to pursue. I enjoy seeing others succeed and helping others learn life's lessons from inevitable mistakes and failures, both of which I and everyone else have endured in life. My great-grandmother used to say, "always strive to do your school lessons well, but the best lessons in life will be the ones you teach yourself." She was very wise, and while it may not have made since at the time, this memory has endured with me and proven true throughout my life.

I love to learn, and I believe learning is a life-long, unending process. Happiness comes from achieving knowledge and desired success in one's own chosen life pursuits, often those that our Savior has in store for our lives. We must always seek knowledge, love others, seek to spread His kingdom, and never subside from pursuing excellence. My search for a suitable doctoral program, in line with my research and has been slow and steady, but I desire to enhance my expertise in the areas in general business, accounting and taxation, with a keen interest in the economic impacts of taxation, as well as behavioral economics, in a psychological business sense. Additionally, my primary field of accounting is likely to undergo transformative changes as U.S. GAAP and IFRS continue convergence into a single, world-wide accepted accounting system, which has also been a slow and deliberative process. I will continue to remain on the forefront of current law and future changes.

Courses recently taught

BUSA 2630 LECT Financial Accounting
BUSA 3000 LECT Managerial Accounting
BUSA 3110 LECT Intermediate Accounting I
BUSA 3120 LECT Intermediate Accounting II
BUSA 3200 LECT Financial Accounting
BUSA 3231 LECT Managerial Accounting
BUSA 3841 LECT Federal Taxation
BUSA 4810 LECT Advanced Accounting
BUSA 4870 LECT Principles of Auditing