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Scott Eugene Landis


Program Director - Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Program


School of Health and Professional Sciences

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Bristol Campus: Student Complex Center Room 223E

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"We live on an island surrounded by a sea of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance." - John Archibald Wheeler


I recently completed my dissertation through the University of Idaho. My original research investigation focused on using movement screens to identify female individuals at risk for sustaining a non-contact ACL injury.

I attended Point Loma Nazarene University and earned my Bachelors degree in Athletic Training. Immediately following, I began my Masters program in Kinesiology (emphasis in athletic training) at San Jose State University. For my thesis, I investigated the injury rates of various athletic populations to determine whether sport variability was correlated with the incidence of sustaining an injury. Once I transitioned to a faculty teaching position, I began to pursue my Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT) degree through the University of Idaho. The DAT program is a post-professional degree that serves to advance ones clinical practice. To achieve clinical advancement, emphasis is placed on evidence-based practice, sound clinical reasoning, and improved patient care.

I am beginning my second year at King University. I look forward to continue teaching in the athletic training program. I teach both upper and lower division classes to students in our program, to help prepare them for the Board of Certification exam to become a certified athletic trainer.


  • University of Idaho, Moscow, Doctor of Athletic Training, Dissertation: “Non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injury risk prediction using functional movement screen™ and knee abduction moment: an epidemiological observation”. May 2016.
  • San Jose State University, San Jose, Master of Arts, Athletic Training, May 2007. Thesis project: “Injury Rate Comparison of High School Volleyball Athletes: Out of Season Participation”.
  • Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, Bachelor of Arts, Athletic Training, May 2002.
  • National Holistic Institute, San Jose, Massage Therapy Completion, June 2009.  

Recent Publications and Presentations


- Landis, S. E., Baker, R. T., & Seegmiller, J. G. (2018). Non-contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Lower Extremity Injury Risk Prediction Using Functional Movement Screen and Knee Abduction Moment: An Epidemiological Observation of Female Intercollegiate Athletes. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy13(6), 973.

- McMurray, J., Landis, S., Lininger, K., Baker, R. T., Nasypany, A., & Seegmiller, J. (2015). A comparison and review of indirect myofascial release therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and active release techniques to inform clinical decision making. International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training20(5), 29-34.

- Photograph of edema. Insel, Ross, McMahon, and Bernstein. Nutrition. 4th ed. 2013, Jones and Bartlett Learning, LLC, 435.

Conference & Workshop Presentations

- “Regional interdependence- Looking beyond the location of pain by assessing movement dysfunction” Assistant presenter for a learning lab with Ms. Fyock and Dr. Warren. NATA national convention Indianapolis, In.- June, 2014.  

- “Heat illnesses in football players at the high school level” co-presentation with Dr. Baker, San Jose State University, South Bay Coaches Symposium, November, 12, 2003, San Jose, Ca.

Current research

I am currently investigating clinical measures, tools, and screens that may help identify female collegiate athletes at risk for sustaining a lower extremity injury. I am particularly interested in non-contact ACL injuries. Once research has demonstrated that a reliable measure/tool/screen exists, I will begin using assessment interventions to improve individuals at risk.

Courses recently taught

ATEP 2510 LECT Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
ATEP 3010 LECT Methods of Research and Design in the Health Sciences
ATEP 3400 LECT Clinical Experience in Athletic Training I
ATEP 3402 LECT Clinical Experience in Athletic Training III
ATEP 3403 LECT Clinical Experience in Athletic Training IV
ATEP 3404 LECT Clinical Experience in Athletic Training V
ATEP 3440 LECT Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries I
ATEP 3445 LECT Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries II
ATEP 3460 LECT Advanced Evaluation of Athletic Injuries I
ATEP 3470 LECT Advanced Evaluation of Athletic Injuries II
ATEP 3680 LECT Kinesiology
ATEP 4100 LECT Senior Seminar (Capstone)
EXSC 3500 LECT Exercise Training and Performance
EXSC 3700 LECT Health Fitness Assessment