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Alyssa Grace Sloan


Associate Professor & Program Coordinator of Communication


School of Health and Professional Sciences

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Knoxville Campus: 142

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“One life on this Earth is all we get...
and the obvious conclusion would seem to be that at the very least we are fools if we do not live it as FULLY and BRAVELY and BEAUTIFULLY as we can.” 
--Frederick Buechner


I am Alyssa Sloan, Ph.D.  I love what I teach because communication is practical and relevant to our everyday lives. Humanity's unique capacity for communication grants us privilege and power. Communication---it all its forms---offers us the opportunity to question, learn, challenge, teach, and share.

I began teaching at King University in 2011. Developing the adult-learner communication program at the Knoxville campus and online has been rewarding.  The students involved in King's communication program are among the smartest, sincerest, and most dedicated students I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

Though I love the discipline of communication, my interests do extend beyond class discussion and research articles. I enjoy reading, hiking, and cycling. I love spending time with my husband---including home renovations, back porch sitting, and watching our sons grow into amazing little guys!



  • PhD in Crisis Communication |  University of Kentucky  |  Lexington, KY
  • MA in Applied Communication |  University of Arkansas at Little Rock  |  Little Rock, AR
  • BA in Speech Communication  |  University of Central Arkansas  |  Conway, AR

I began my educational career with a degree in communication from the University of Central Arkansas. Soon thereafter, I earned a masters in applied communication. Then I focused my interests in crisis communication while earning my doctorate in communication.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications  [Note:  Maiden name is Millner]

  • Sloan, A.G. & Knowles, A.L. (2017). Patient engagement: Qualitative narratives illustrate patient engagement behaviors Journal of Communication in Healthcare.
  • Veil, S. R., Dillingham, L. L., & Sloan, A. G. (2016). Fencing out the Jones’s: The development of response  strategies for spillover crises. Corporate Reputation Review.
  • Sloan, A.G. & Knowles, A.L. (2013). Improving Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study. Journal of Communication in Healthcare.
  • Anthony, K.E., Sellnow, T.L, & Millner, A.G. (2013). Message convergence as a message-centered approach  to analyzing and improving risk communication. Journal of Applied Communication Research.
  • Millner, A.G., Veil, S. R., & Sellnow, T. L. (2011). Proxy communication in crisis response.  Public Relations Review.

Book Chapter or Essay Publications [Note:  Maiden name is Millner]

  • Seeger, M.W., Sloan, A.G., & Sellnow, T.L. (2016). Crisis communication in the United States. In A. Schwarz, M.W. Seeger, & C. Auer (Eds.), Handbook of International Crisis Communication.
  • Sloan, A.G. & Anthony, K.E. (2015). Between a rock and a hard place. In M. Ramsey (Ed.) Issues of culture and conflict: Case studies in organizational communication.
  • Millner, A.G. (2015). Sample informative speech with presentational aids: College student volunteering and civic engagement.  In R.F. Verderber, D.D. Sellnow, & K.S. Verderber (Eds.), The challenge of effective speaking in a digital age.
  • Millner, A.G. (2013). Credibility. In K.B. Penuel, M. Statler, R. Hagen, Encyclopedia of crisis           management. (Vols 1-2).
  • Millner, A.G. (2013). Food security. In K.B. Penuel, M. Statler, R. Hagen, Encyclopedia of crisis    management. (Vols 1-2).
  • Millner, A.G. & Sellnow, T.L. (2012). Silence in the turmoil of crisis: Peanut Corporation of America’s response to its sweeping salmonella outbreak. In S.K. May (Eds.), Case studies in organizational communication:  Ethical perspectives and practices, published (2nd ed.).
  • Millner, A.G.  & Price, R.D. (2012). Chapter three: Ethics in public speaking. Project funded by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education: http://publicspeakingproject.org/
  • Millner, A.G. (2012). Informative speech with presentational aids: College student volunteering and civic engagement.  In R.F. Verderber, D.D. Sellnow, & K.S. Verderber (Eds.), The challenge of effective speaking (15th ed.)

Non-academic Press


Competitive Paper/ Panel Presentations [Note:  Maiden name is Millner]

  • Sloan, A.G. (2016, November). Panel: The senior portfolio as an assessment tool: Students’ perceptions and evidence of what they have achieved. Portfolio assessment experience explored at the 102th NCA Conference.
  • Sloan, A.G. (2016, November). Research in progress: Cancer patients reveal communication best practices. Research presented at the 102th NCA Conference.
  • Veil, S. R., Dillingham, L. L., & Sloan, A. G. (2016, March). Reputational interdependence and public relations strategies in a spillover crisis. Paper presented at the International Public Relations Research Conference.
  • Millner, A.G. (2012, November). Ethics and communicating about ethics at MEO. Paper presented at the 98th NCA Conference.
  • Millner, A.G. (2011, November). The role of proxy communicators in the peanut paste contamination: A voice in food crisis discourse. Paper presented at the 97th NCA Conference.
  • Millner, A.G. (2010, November). Research in progress: The role of a proxy communicator during crises. Paper presented at the 96th NCA Conference.
  • Anthony, K.E., Millner, A.G., & Petrun, E. (2009, November). Challenges and opportunities for timely crisis communication via television coverage. Paper presented at the 95th NCA Conference.

Additionally, Invited Presentations at Local Non-profits, Chambers, Associations, etc.


Current research

My current agenda serves local non-profits through tailored trainings related to communication topics.

Courses recently taught

COMM 1500 LECT Basics of COMM at King Seminar
COMM 2400 LECT Professional Communication
COMM 2500 LECT Visual Rhetoric
COMM 2600 LECT Introduction to Media Communication
COMM 3000 LECT Communication Theory and Practice
COMM 3300 LECT Editing for Special Topics in Communication
COMM 4100 LECT Ethics in Communication