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Christina "Alaska" Vance


Chair, Department of Theatre / Assistant Professor of Theatre


College of Arts and Sciences

Office Location:

Bristol Campus: WA 205


"Thus am I a feather on the breath of god" - Hildegard of Bingen




The idea of being a feather blown around by God's breath makes me feel strangely comforted. The trajectory of my life has changed many times and it looks so different now than what I would have imagined ten years ago. That's okay. That's beautiful. I might be floating around, but God's got me. 

When you're a child you create, imagine and play. Gosh, I even played make-believe as a teenager. In undergrad I took an "Introduction to Theatre" class and was hit with the realization that creation, imagination and play could be a career! I was hooked on the world of theatre. I went to graduate school for acting, but I discovered that the thrill I felt when I stepped on the stage as an actor was amplified when I watched other actors bring to life one of my scripts. Theatre is a passion for me, but playwriting is more than that. And it's more than a calling.  It's... a desperate screaming that can only be relieved with I put fingers to the keyboard. 

Every day I have opportunities to help students discover their own more-than-passions and find what makes their hearts sing. I’m so fortunate. One thing I love about theatre is the community aspect of it, how so many different varieties of artists come together to create. I think there’s a chance everyone could find some area of this work that excites them. It’s wonderful that we can change as artists and theatre practitioners, we just have to keep floating on that breath. Madeleine L'Engle said “We have to be braver than we think we can be, because God is constantly calling us to be more than we are.” I want to be more than I am, and I'm thankful for students and colleagues at King who help me grow as an artist, a Christian and a human being. 

In addition to teaching and writing, I enjoy bringing theatre to "found spaces" or unusual venues. I enjoy touring theatre and I've been blessed with opportunities to organize and participate in theatre tours for children and youth. I'm also passionate about new play festivals and bringing theatre from smaller towns (like Bristol) to larger markets. I've been honored to have two of my plays accepted into the highly competitive New York International Fringe Festival and have enjoyed bringing local actors to the Fringe. I've discovered an intense love for theatre for young audiences. I have been thrilled to have some of my TYA scripts published and produced nationally and internationally. 

Theatre's a huge part of my life, but I'm also a proud mother of two little munchkins and two pups, a horrible gardener, an fantasy fan, a nature lover, an avid goof, and an okayish wife, daughter, sister and friend. 


M.F.A. in Acting, Regent University

B.A. in Speech with an Emphasis in Theatre, East Tennessee State University 


Recent Publications and Presentations

In the Meme Time, King University, 2019: Director

Little Bo Peep Who Cried Wolf  by Alaska Reece Vance (full-length play). Heuer Publishing, 2018

Anne of Green Gableadapted by Alaska Reece Vance, King University and local tour, 2018: Playwright, Director

Winnie the Pooh The Musical, Kingsport Theatre Guild, 2018: Director

Conquering the Stage: A Comprehensive Guide for the Actor by Kiara Pipino and Alaska Reece Vance (textbook). Kendall Hunt, 2017               

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Kingsport Theatre Guild, 2017: Director

The Adventures of Bad by Alaska Reece Vance (one-act play). Heuer Publishing, 2016

It's a Wonderful Life, Kingsport Theatre Guild, 2016: Director

Ivan and the Birds: A Russian Fairytale  by Alaska Reece Vance (full-length play). Eldridge Publishing, 2014

Human  by Alaska Reece Vance (full-length play). New York International Fringe Festival, 2014. King University, 2014: Playwright, Director

Chasing Charming  by Alaska Reece Vance (full-length play). Heuer Publishing, 2013

I Am Angel by Alaska Reece Vance (one-act play). Eldridge Publishing, 2013

Human  by Alaska Reece Vance (full-length play). New Orleans Fringe Festival, 2013. The Drifting Theatre and Kingsport Theatre Guild 2013: Playwright, Director

Feeding The Subject by Alaska Reece Vance (one-act play) The Bad Theatre Festival - Off Broadway, 2013: Playwright

Animals out of Paper, Last Call Players, 2013: Co-Director

Moonlight in Boxes (One-Act) by Alaska Reece Vance (one-act play) The Manhattan Repertory Theatre 2012: Playwright

It's a Wonderful Life, Jonesborough Repertory Theatre, 2012: Director

Little Women, Jonesborough Repertory Theatre, 2012: Director

The Disorientation of Butterflies music by Nathan Schmidt, book and lyrics by Alaska Reece Vance (full length musical) New York International Fringe Festival, 2011, Regent University, 2010: Lyrics, Libretto, Director


Current research

I am presently researching theatre for and/or by youth, the experiences of youth in theatre and the results of exposure to theatre at a young age.

I am also researching Amazon and Gargarean mythology and having a wonderful time writing a full-length musical inspired by these legends.


Courses recently taught

KING 2000 LECT Transfer Year Seminar
THTR 1010 LECT Theatre Practicum: Acting I
THTR 1011 LECT Theatre Practicum: Acting II
THTR 1110 LECT Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting and Play Analysis
THTR 3400 LECT Directing I
THTR 3900 LECT Special Topics: Theatre for Youth