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Jonna Faith Sutherland


Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Physics Program Coordinator


College of Arts and Sciences

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Bristol Campus: 28 White Hall, Physics

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"The night is calm and cloudless, And still as still can be, And the stars come forth to listen, To the music of the sea.

They gather, and gather, and gather, Until they crowd the sky, And listen, in breathless silence, To the solemn litany."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


It was the space program that first captured my imagination, inspiring me to explore the scientific world of physics and mathematics. Captivated by the movements of the planets and stars, I embarked upon a journey to gain an understanding of motion, both terrestrial and celestial.

After earning a B.S. degree in physics and mathematics (double-major) from East Tennessee State University in 1986, where I received the Outstanding Achievement in Physics faculty award, I spent a semester at Vanderbilt University studying astrophysics, working with the telescopes, and teaching astronomy labs.

In 1987, I transferred to the University of Tennessee’s Physics and Astronomy Department in Knoxville and successfully completed over five years of coursework in the physics doctoral program, while teaching undergraduate physics and optics labs. My research focused primarily on the study of stellar spectral emission lines with a specialization in molecular spectroscopy.

In 1992, I was hired to work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on several environmental engineering projects designed to develop management and clean-up strategies for the nation’s nuclear superfund sites. While there, I studied new and emerging technologies that could be utilized for protecting the public health and the surrounding environment, groundwater, and wildlife. Following my four years at ORNL, I accepted a position in the IT department at the University of Tennessee as a senior computer systems administrator, where I networked and maintained the university’s faculty and student computer lab systems for twelve years.

Desiring to enhance my teaching skills and to learn advanced methods for instruction in higher education, I completed a Master’s degree in Education (M. Ed.) from Emory and Henry College in 2012, where I earned the Excellence in Graduate Educational Research award.

Since relocating back to the Tri-cities area in 2009, I have had the opportunity to teach physics, mathematics, electronics, and astronomy classes at several colleges and universities throughout the region. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to enhance my skills as a STEM faculty through:

  • participating in space-related workshops (Wallops Flight Facility and other NASA-related programs),
  • exploring the drone facilities at Virginia Tech,
  • expanding my teaching repertoire to include renewable energy technologies (solar, wind), and
  • continuing my education through additional graduate mathematics classes.

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for physics with the students of King University. My goal is to provide a firm foundation for their journey into the STEM fields of study and to inspire them to reach higher for success in their chosen academic pursuits.

In my spare time, I have spent over 25 years practicing athletic training and conditioning, while studying and teaching various systems of self-defense for which I have received advanced degrees. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge of healthy lifestyle practices, athleticism, and empowerment-through-fitness with students of all ages.

Recent Publications and Presentations


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Courses recently taught

PHYS 2210 LAB General Physics I Lab
PHYS 2210 LECT General Physics I
PHYS 3052 LECT Optics
PHYS 3060 LECT Introduction to Modern Physics